What a pleasure it has been getting to know the Almadani Family the last several months. It’s truly amazing to see the progress they’ve made since that cold December evening when they arrived at O’Hare! I wanted to share some updates and some fun times we’ve had during recent visits with the Almadanis.

In late March, Talal drove his whole family out to Oak Park in their NEW CAR! The Tepfer/Sauers Family hosted our big group. The kids all played games and did puzzles, and the adults chatted. We ate falafel, shawarma, rice, fattoush salad, etc. for dinner, and everyone enjoyed themselves. My son Soren’s 2nd grade class at Hatch Elementary made welcome cards and collected Early Reader books for the Almadani kids. They were so happy to open the cute handmade cards and start exploring their books!

In April, Talal started a new job. He is an Assembler at a seating company on the west side of the city, primarily making seats for cars and buses. Since he has some experience in welding, we are hoping that this foot in the door at a manufacturer will help him grow into a bigger role.

A few weeks ago, my family and the Tepfer/Sauers Family visited the Almadanis at home. The original plan was to go to the library to get the Almadanis a library card, but they wanted to host a meal in their home. It was a wonderful spread, and the family all worked together beautifully to present it. The visit this time was primarily social, with the kids playing together and the adults chatting, laughing and feasting on the delicious homemade Syrian food.

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