January 28, 2017

In the wake of an executive order halting the admission of any Syrian refugees into this country in the name of national security, we share with you the Almadani Family. This is the family of six the Oak Park Temple community is sponsoring, helping and welcoming to the United States.

This is the family who were forced to flee their friends and loved ones in Syria to spend years in a refugee camp in Turkey in order to escape the violence in their war-torn homeland.

This is the family that entered the United States just months ago after a lengthy vetting process.

This is them as they arrived in Chicago, welcoming us into their home, sharing food and drink with us, and playing with our children.

Thank you to the large contingent of OPT volunteers who are mentoring, tutoring, and helping the Almadani Family as they make this enormous transition.

Nawar, Talal and family arrive

Talal (to right of balloons), Nawar (to left of balloons), Baian (in hat next to her dad), Esraa (large smile in headband), Alaa (in stroller behind Dad to right) with a large welcoming OPT committee at O’Hare Airport.


Nawar and family arrive

Nawar, her son Mohamad and daughters Baian and Esraa with Eve Rothbaum and others at the airport arrival.


Baian, Mohammad, Asher

Asher Tepfer (right) with Baian and Mohamad (whom Asher idolized).


Mabel Tepfer and Esraa playing

Mabel Tepfer and Esraa playing.


Joy, Nawar and Children

Baian, Joy Aaronson, Nawar, Esraa


Olive Tepfer and Esraa playing

Olive Tepfer and Esraa playing.


Joy Aronson reading to Mohamad

Joy Aaronson reading to Mohamad

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