Three Religious Leaders Unite with West Side Pastors in Cross-Border Alliance

December 8, 2015

One of the first things you encounter when walking up to the Lake Street entrance of Pilgrim Congregational Church is the “Black Lives Matter” sign displayed prominently on the door. There’s also one on the church’s marquee.

“There was one on the lawn, but it got ripped off,” said the church’s lively pastor, Rev. Sally Iberg. The church’s few hundred parishioners, although predominantly white, include many people who belong to mixed-race families and varying cultures. The United Church of Christ denomination has a history steeped in social justice advocacy and cultural diversity.

“In some congregations,” Iberg noted, “people would say, ‘Well wait, all lives matter.’ Well, yes, but right now we’re focused on Black Lives Matter, because we’ve got a lot to make up.”


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