By now you should all have seen flyers to save the date for the event of the year – our Oak Park Temple / Glasser Preschool Auction on February 1, 2014. The committee has already had an especially fun and energetic kickoff meeting, and is on the lookout for more members. If you are interested in being part of this committee contact the office, Sarah Schutov or Kaye Pomeranc White – I can promise you it will be a fun and worthwhile experience.

Here’s an interesting fact about those postcards.  The “old world” people on the card aren’t stock photos – they are my relatives.  Here is a little bit of my Jewish Geography.

The man is Efrayim Mazur.  He was my great-grandfather.  Next to him is Leah Mazur, my great-grandmother.  And finally, we have Leah’s mother, my great-great-grandmother Sima Tetievsky.  They lived near Kiev in a town called Stavishche (Stavisht), Ukraine (which was Russia at the time).  And due to the magic of the the internet, I found their photos and can read about them at  

Efrayim was a bookkeeper, and in the words of Y. Rubin: “[he] was a person of good understanding, logical and loyal and upright, before God and people. You could trust him and you did not have to bribe him. It is hard to find such honorable and fine people nowadays.”

Efrayim’s sister, Sureh Mazur, married Shloime Loyev. Shloime’s brother Elimelech Loyev had a daughter named Olga, which means Efrayim was Olga’s uncle. Who, you might ask, was Olga Loyev? She was Sholom Aleichem’s (writer of many Yiddish stories, including the stories that later became Fiddler on the Roof) wife! I have no idea what that makes me in relation to Sholom Aleichem, but it seems in the realm of possibility that some of his characters may have been based on some of my relatives.

So that’s a small piece of my past and a prime example of the always-fascinating lesson in Jewish geography. And now, my relatives are helping us to celebrate this year’s auction!  



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