Due to “press deadlines,”all of what you read in The  Messenger was written approximately three weeks ago, including this. That  said, so far, we’ve had one of the mildest winters I’ve experienced in the  Midwest during the 42 years that I’ve lived here. It is my fervent hope that, I  have not just jinxed us and that we’re not pounded by severe weather just before  you read this. If we have, my apologies, s’licha! So, here we are at the  beginning of March and the harbingers of spring are upon us.
The rabbi’s favorite holiday, Purim, with all of its delightful insanity and  irreverence, will be celebrated in a number of ways. We will have an ‘adults only’ Purim/Oy Vey Café party on Saturday evening, March 3rd where
Temple members will show off their musical and artistic talents. The Oy Vey Café has a long history at Oak Park Temple and, if you haven’t experienced one, you haven’t lived! The Purim Carnival and service for kids of all ages will be taking place on Wednesday, March 7th. Young and not-quite-so-yo​ung, please join us for all sorts of  fun.

We will have a Megillah reading for families with young children at 4:30, 5p.m.-7p.m. carnival and dinner for all ages, including an adults’ only room and at 7 pm a Megillah reading for older kids and adults. On Thursday, March 8th, the Glasser Preschool will have its Purim party. Get the impression that we leave no stone unturned on Purim? 
On March 9th at 6:00 p.m., our Shabbat Kehilah Dinner and service will be sponsored by the Board of Directors,
honoring all of our volunteers. Oak Park Temple, and all of the richness that  can be found here, would not be possible without the many volunteers who give selflessly of their time and energy. More than likely, this means you!  I think that it is also safe to say that were it not for the many opportunities that we have to work side-by-side with our fellow congregants, we would not have such rich  relationships with one another. We do reap what we sow! Join us to celebrate!
And, finally, the clearest indicator that spring is almost upon us is the Annual Oak  Park Temple Family Retreat at Olin Sang Ruby Union Institute (“OSRUI”) in Oconomowoc, March 16-18th. The theme this year is “God: The Elephant in the Room.” And no, George Burns is not scheduled to appear. Join us for a  weekend of fun, relaxation, music and community as we wrestle with God.

Oak Park Temple…never a dull  moment!


Jeff Blaine

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