Do you know your Oak Park Temple board representatives?  Who, for example, would you contact if you had a great idea for an adult education program?  Who would you talk to about a new potential activity for social action?   

Hint: All board representatives are listed here each month in the Messenger.  Our names are also listed on our website.  But what if you don’t really know the person associated with a position?  Or if you think you know him/her but aren’t quite sure… wouldn’t it be nice if you had photos and bios available so you could get to know your board members a little better?  

It turns out you CAN learn more about our board since many of us have posted our bios online – just go to  At the top of this page are links for Officers, Committee/Affiliates, and At-Large bios.  (You can also find these in the menu: About>Bios> to view each of these links.)

These bios give you a chance to get to know us a little better.  We hope you’ll read something that will help start a conversation the next time you see one of us.  

Getting to know our board members is nice, but wouldn’t it be nice if we could also get to know you?  It turns out this too is available online!  One of the many activities going on in preparation for our sesquicentennial is the collection of stories about you, our congregants.  It is our attempt to document a tiny piece of who we are here at Oak Park Temple 150 years after the synagogue was formed.  

Many of these stories are about the paths that led a congregant to join Oak Park Temple.  Some are also stories about paths to Judaism.  Other stories are about meaningful experiences here at Oak Park Temple.  All are wonderful accounts that help us all get to know more about the individuals who have contributed their stories.   

You can find these stories at  And at the top right of the page there is a link for you to submit your own story, to give us all a chance to get you know you a little better as well!   

Not sure you want to write a story?   Another initiative associated with the sesquicentennial is a video project for us to record more of our stories as a snapshot of our 150th year.  If you are interested in being interviewed on video, please contact Deb Spector.  The videos will be available later in the year.

So go online now and get to know your board, get to know your fellow congregants, and give us all a chance to know more about you through your online story or video interview!  


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