Occasionally Danielle or I receive requests to publish an item that is not actually related to Oak Park Temple in any way other than it is about one of our members.  Our guidelines for publishing content on all our current channels make us regretfully decline in these circumstances.  

Each time, I agree the guidelines are both necessary and correct, but I wish there were a place we could promote the item nonetheless. In late July, I got another such request, one I really wanted to announce – it was about ourkids, two of them, who are engaging in an exciting and creative endeavor.  And again, it didn’t really fit within our current guidelines.  

I spoke with Lee Kantz, head of our Communications Committee.  We decided to create a second Facebook page, the Oak Park Temple Community Corner. This new group is all about you.  It’s a place to let the community know more about you and what you’re involved with outside of Oak Park Temple.  And it’s a place to come if you want to learn more about your fellow congregants.  

Unlike our main Facebook page, this new page is for content not directly related to Judaism or Oak Park Temple.  The only relationship to our temple for this new  content is that it is something that you would like to share with your fellow congregants.  

My thanks to Nina Stoller,  whose request to publish information about a show that she and Drew Lewis were involved with was the motivation behind creating this new communications channel.  

If you are on Facebook and have not yet been invited to the new page, send a message to me or to Lee Kantz.  Make sure to read the guidelines and then add your own posts to the page, a place where we will all get to know a little more about each other. 

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