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Women of Oak Park Temple

Join us on Thursday, May 11th  at 7:30 p.m. at Oak Park Temple where we will discuss our last book of the season, The Devil in Jerusalem by Naomi Ragen.

By one of our book club’s favorite authors, The Devil in Jerusalem tells the story of two young children, struggling to survive in an Israeli hospital while the children’s mother―a young American― sits at the bedside reciting Pslams and refusing to answer any questions.

Brought in to investigate, Jerusalem detective Bina Tzedek―herself a young mother―carefully peels back layer after layer of secrets and lies, following a dark, winding path through Jerusalem’s Old City, kabbalists, mystical ancient texts, and terrifying cult rituals, until she comes face to face with the horrifying truth which has held a young American family captive. Based on true events, The Devil in Jerusalem is an eye-opening look at the dangerous predators lurking around the watering holes of those who come seeking spiritual enlightenment.

ANYONE AND EVERYONE IS WELCOME… you don’t have to be a woman, just need a desire to talk about great Jewish books!  Join us and see what a fun group of people we are!

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