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Eternity and the Eternal:
Jewish and Scientific Understandings of Time

Oct 16, Nov 13, & Dec 11
10:00 am to noon

Scientists in Synagogues is a grant offered by Sinai and Synapses and funded by The John Templeton Foundation.Oak Park Temple is thrilled to announce that we are one of eleven congregations chosen to participate in this unique and exciting program.Rabbi Weiss, and congregation members Roy Plotnick, Sam Bader and Adam Lyons worked together to create a program designed to stimulate important conversations about science and technology and their role within Judaism and the synagogue.

“Eternity and the Eternal: Jewish and Scientific Understandings of Time” will take place over three Sundays in the fall: October 16, November 13, and December 11, from 10 am to 12 pm.  Each session will include breakfast, a presentation and a discussion and will be appropriate for high school students and PhDs alike.  The sessions will be open to Temple members and the general public.

Session one, October 16, will focus on beginnings and include cosmology, geology, paleontology, and a Jewish perspective on the moral dimension of the creation story.
Session two, November 13, will focus on the meaning of time and will examine relativity, the geologic timescale and a look at the Jewish calendar.
Session three, December 11, will be focused on endings and will include presentations from the scientists on the end of the universe and the end of life including the Sixth Extinction. There will also be a presentation of eschatology from a Jewish perspective.

Sinai and Synapses
Sinai and Synapses offers people a worldview that is both scientifically grounded and spiritually uplifting. It provides tools and language for learning and living to the millions of people who see science as their ally as they pursue personal growth and the repair of our world. Sinai and Synapses explores big questions from both religious and scientific perspectives, and achieves its mission through several programs, activities, and learning opportunities.

Learn more about Sinai and Synapses.

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