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“Mir Zaynen Do!” – “We Are Here!”

mameloshn yom hashoahA Yom HaShoah Holocaust Commemoration with music and art, presented by Oak Park Temple’s Yiddish singing group, MameLoshn, Sunday, April 23, 2017 at 2:00 pm at Oak Park Temple.

The title of the presentation is from the “Partisan Song” by Hirsch Glick, the famous Vilna Ghetto poet. “We Are Here!” serves as the final theme of the commemoration. The program will include Yiddish songs and poems, many of which were written during the Holocaust by those who perished. Synopses of these songs of despair and hope will be provided in English in the printed program.

Berit Engen Shoah TapestryTapestries inspired by the music and woven by artist Berit Engen will be an integral part of the presentation. They have previously been shown at the Spertus Institute in Chicago.

Members of MameLoshn are:

  • Michael Bass (vocals)
  • Berit Engen (vocals, guitar)
  • Hersh Glagov (vocals, violin)
  • Phyllis Kupperman (vocals)
  • Elisa Lapine (vocals, drum)
  • Julia Schopick (vocals),
  • Lou Vitacco (Piano)
  • Ben Stark (guitar)

Cantor Julie Yugend-Green will also participate.

Learn more about MameLoshn.

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