Event Details

The Glasser Preschool of Oak Park Temple is pleased to present a concert by

Joel Frankel

joel frankelMartin Luther King Day
Monday January 16th
Oak Park Temple
10:30 AM
(doors open at 10:15 AM)

Advance tickets $8 each
adults and children ages 2 and over
$10 each at the door

You can buy your tickets Sunday during Mitzvah Day

Singer, songwriter and children’s entertainer Joel Frankel is a big kid who’s been entertaining smaller kids and their parents for over two decades. By combining his musical talents with his teaching background, Joel has developed a creative and stimulating musical performance that captivates listeners of all ages. To learn more about Joel Frankel, go to JoelFrankel.com.

Contact Marci Sperling Flynn at glasserpreschool@oakparktemple.org or (708) 386-3937 x15 for ticket reservations.

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