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Celebrate Shavuot!
Please join Oak Park Temple and West Suburban Temple
as we unite to celebrate Shavuot and the giving of Torah on
Tuesday evening, May 30th.
Tuesday, May 30
Oak Park Temple

6:30 pm  Ice Cream Social

7:00 pm Service
8:00 pm Learning Sessions
With Rabbi Weiss and Rabbi Glick
Revelations on Sinai: The Rational & Mystical 
We celebrate Shavuot by enjoying a holiday meal, lighting the candles and reciting the blessings.

At Shavuot we celebrate the special gift of Torah to the Jewish people. The words of Torah have been compared to milk and honey. Thus it became a tradition to eat dairy foods on this holiday.

There is a legend that when the Torah was revealed at Mt. Sinai, the mountain blossomed with beautiful flowers. To remind us of the beauty of Mt. Sinai and the beauty of Torah, we decorate our homes and synagogues with flowers and greenery.

During the Shavuot synagogue service there are two special readings: the section of the Torah that contains the Ten Commandments and the Book of Ruth.
Wednesday, May 31
Oak Park Temple
10:00 am Yizkor Service
Join us for Shavuot/Yizkor Service
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