Pop Quiz: Oak Park Temple’s Constitution should be reviewed and amended:
A.  Never – it is a document that should never be changed.
B.  Every 150 years.
C.  Every 10 years.
D.  Every 5 years.
E.  Every other year.
F.  Any year when the temperature in Chicago drops below zero or soars above 100.

The answer to this is D, which can be found in the constitution itself:

  • Article XV Section II ­ Review of the Constitution  At least once every five years, the President shall appoint a committee to review the Constitution and make recommendations for any necessary amendments to it. 

Last year was our fifth year and a committee was appointed by then-President Jeff Blaine.  The committee was chaired by Marsha Cooper, and included Lauren Levrant, Jeff Blaine, Mark Segal, and myself.  During the year Deb Holdstein was added to the committee.  Besides regular meeting of the committee, many of the issues were discussed at last year’s board retreat and most recently at the November board meeting.  

All of these many hours of meetings produced the proposed amendments listed on our website in November.  A few additional issues were raised from congregants and a final meeting of the committee in December resulted in a few more minor changes.  The final proposed amendments may be found on the front page of our website.

Many amendments are simply clarifications  and word-smithing.  In one case the clarification was incorrect and reversed during the December meeting.  

The substantive changes have to do with board committees.  The proposal adds one committee and removes one.  

The Fundraising committee began as an ad-hoc committee and is now being moved to a more formal board committee.

Finally, the Outreach committee is being combined with Membership, in recognition of our desire for Membership to focus on the recruitment and retention of many aspects of a diverse population.  What was once considered separate programming for interfaith couples might be just as attractive to someone born Jewish.  Our goal is that the combination of Interfaith programming with the Membership committee will strengthen that committee to serve all our current and potential members.  

These amendments will be voted on at our annual congregational meeting at which time we will also elect new board members.  Please join us at 10:00 on February 16 for a free brunch and annual meeting.  Hope to see you there!

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