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Not something we offer, but something we are.
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“Do not separate yourself from the community; and do not trust in yourself until the day of your death. Do not judge your fellow until you are in his place. Do not say something that cannot be understood but will be understood in the end. Say not: When I have time I will study because you may never have the time.”

Hillel, Pirkei Avot 2:5

Countless Ways to Participate

No matter what your age or place in life is, there is a community for you at Oak Park Temple.

Join a Committee, a Chavurah, or The Women of Oak Park Temple; hang out with us on Sunday mornings; participate in a youth program or adult education class; or hear some great music from Mameloshn or Tsimmis.

If you or a family member is in need, or if you wish to volunteer to help others in need, please reach out to the Oak Park Temple Caring Community.

You will always feel a part of something at Oak Park Temple.

We want to hear from you! Please share your thoughts in the form below, and see how our some of our members answered this question.

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Community Gallery

Oak Park Temple Caring Community

Caring CommunityThe Caring Community of Oak Park Temple is made up of volunteers who are here to assist our Temple members as needed. There are four groups within the Caring Community:

  • Bereavement / Ozerim – Shiva preparation and follow-up after a loss.
  • Drivers – Getting people to appointments and Shabbat Services
  • Life Cycle – For those needing advice regarding anything from Brit Milah to college information, interfaith marriage, etc.
  • Bikur Cholim – Visiting the sick, sending meals to homes, grocery shopping, helping with a new baby. etc.

If you know someone who can benefit from any of these services, please contact any of the names on the right or the Rabbi or Cantor. You can also email caring@oakparktemple.org or call the Temple office at 708-386-3937.

Please also use the same contacts on the right if you are interested in volunteering in any way for the Caring Community.

Caring Community Contacts

Caring Committee Chairs

Karen S. Gillett   708-955-3477
Ali Mandell         773-213-4334
Maurie Stern      708-771-3242

To reach the committee chairs, please email caring@oakparktemple.org or call the Temple office at 708-386-3937.

Caring Subcommittees

  • Bereavement / Ozerim – Vanessa Klugman, Amy Pokras
  • Drivers – Meg Ross, Craig Silverman
  • Life Cycle – Amy Drescher-Crumply, Julie Lulu
  • Bikur Cholim – Stewart Goldman, Liz Simon, Jen Trudell

Social Work from Jewish Child & Family Services

Oak Park Temple is proud to participate in a new joint program, along with West Suburban Temple Har Zion, with the help of Jewish Child and Family Services (JCFS) to provide community support services to individuals, couples, and families who may be struggling in life and who are seeking support.

JCFS services will be available to people of all age groups and backgrounds with a variety of concerns including mental health, financial, housing, food, medical, school, learning, behavioral, social and relationships issues among others.  The goal will be to assist community members, in and out of Temple membership, and to empower them, advocate on their behalf, and connect them with community resources that will provide them with tools that will benefit them in their lives.

JCFS Social Worker Ann Luban will be in Oak Park/River Forest on Tuesdays and Thursdays, typically between the hours 9am-5pm, alternating between Oak Park Temple and West Suburban Temple.  Please feel free to stop by and introduce yourself.  If you want to meet with Ann, please email her at JCFS.

Sunday Mornings @ Oak Park Temple

Members and prospective members visiting Oak Park Temple on Sunday mornings will find a vibrant community with something for everyone!

The Bagel Boys sell bagels, lox, almost every bagel topping you can imagine, coffee, juices, and other drinks in the Temple rotunda. Grab a bagel and coffee, bring your newspaper, tablet or computer, and relax in the rotunda or upstairs in the library.  You can schmooze with friends, hold an impromptu committee meeting or pretend like you’re getting work done.  The Temple even offers free wi-fi to members.

Bagel Boys

You can also take your bagel and coffee upstairs to one of our Adult Education classrooms, where you can join one of a number of Torah Study classes.  You don’t need to read Hebrew–you can just jump right in.  Learn more on our Adult Education section.

Parents of school-age children can drop off their kids at Religious School, while parents of younger kids can enjoy inexpensive babysitting (as long as they stay in the Temple).

It’s a safe bet that something more will be happening: a bake sale in the rotunda, signups for the annual Temple retreat or other events, a book sale or rummage sale in the community hall, or a special guest speaker.

Come join us on Sunday mornings!

The Bagel Boys:
We’re Looking for
a Few Good Machers!

The Bagel Boys of Oak Park are a group of irreverent do-gooders who rise to the challenge of providing physical sustenance (in the form of bagels, lox, beverages and sarcasm) for our congregants and guests on Sunday mornings. We have a proud heritage, spanning more than two decades, of creating a special Sunday morning Oak Park Temple ambiance that spreads like a good schmeer. And now you can be at the center of the storm!

Join us for fun, fellowship, laughter, tears and bonhomie. Make life-long friends, support Oak Park Temple, and get to know the bagel preferences of OPT congregants. You get to pick your bagel first!

For more information, talk to any of the Bagel Boys on Sunday mornings, or contact Seth LevrantChief Bagel, or Jeff BlaineBagel Emeritus.

Oak Park Temple and Israel

Strengthening the bonds between Oak Park Temple and the Reform movement in Israel.
Echad al Echad

Echad al Echad:
Creating Lasting Bonds with Israel

Echad al Echad (literally “One to One”) is our initiative designed to strengthen the bonds between Oak Park Temple and the Reform movement in Israel.

Founded in 2007, Echad al Echad is a partnership between Oak Park and Kiryat Tivon, a town 20 miles east of Haifa and one of a few dozen communities in Israel with a Reform synagogue, Congregation Ma’alot Tivon. Echad al Echad has been locally recognized with Oak Park Temple’s Best New Initiative Award in 2007 and nationally with ARZA’s Gittelsohn Award in 2008.

Find a way to be a part of this great program. Please contact us for more information.

Amy Kaufman
amy.kaufman@att.net – (708) 703-0974

Echad al Echad Chair


Echad al Echad

Annual Summer Teen Exchange Program

The flagship activity of Echad al Echad is an annual summer teen exchange, where Oak Park Temple and Kiryat Tivon teens visit each other’s city every other year.  Every effort is made to run the program as cost efficiently as possible, with an eye towards making this an integral part of our community. When the Israelis visited us this summer, they were housed in OPT homes. We utilized public transportation whenever possible, and we worked hard to find in-kind donations to decrease the financial support needed from the Temple community. Similarly, when our teens visit Israel on alternating summers, they will pay only airfare, and our Israeli partners will cover the rest of the expenses.

Since 2007, there have been groups of Israeli teens hosted by Oak Park Temple families for two weeks each and 3 groups of Oak Park Temple youth who have visited Kiryat Tivon. A recent itinerary was typically hectic, including: a visit to the DuPage County Fair (complete with a demolition derby); a Lake Michigan sail generously contributed by OPT member Ben White; the Miracle Mile; the Willis Tower; a cross-cultural discussion led by OPT member Mark Kaufman; Chinatown; an FLW tour led by OPT member Sue Blaine; the Field Museum and MSI. We enjoyed Shabbat services at OPT and toured KAM synagogue in Hyde Park. Ironically, the only activity we didn’t get around to was going to the beach (due to the weather)!

Teens and adults on both sides of the Atlantic have found their bonds deepening with time:Israeli teens visiting the United States have returned to our community to see their American “families,” and OPT Echad al Echad alumni have done the same. Adults traveling through Israel have stopped in Kiryat Tivon to visit, and some Oak Park Temple congregants have even become international members of Ma’alot Tivon.

From the onset, we had hoped that these one-to-one connections between our congregation and Kiryat Tivon would lead to a deeper understanding and closeness with Israel. That hope has come true.

Echad al Echad

More About OPT & Israel

ARZA – Association of Reform Zionists of America

ARZA is the Zionist organization of the Reform Movement. It reaches out to all Reform Jews in the U.S. to help foster a better understanding of Israel and to support the Reform Movement in Israel. It is a vital part of our movement, as no matter what our political views are, Israel is a central part of our identity. 

Reform Zionism can be interpreted to be many things to many people, even within our congregation. Now, over 65 years after the establishment of the state, we need to work to support the democracy and to ensure that Israel is a place that embraces Jews of all backgrounds and streams in a pluralistic environment. Zionism today is not only about making aliyah, but is about understanding what Israeli society is today and how it can be improved in the future.  It is also about visiting Israel to see what an amazing country it is.

ARZA can help us better understand what is happening in Israel especially as it relates to the Reform Movement. One way it does this is by supporting Israel programs in congregations across the US. There are speakers available from Israel and from here, that help educate congregants of any age group.

At Oak Park Temple, we have hosted a number of speakers, including the Israel Consulate General and an expert from the Israel Ministry of Tourism. We also have a special connection with Kibbutz Lotan and have had Alex Cicelsky, Kibbutz Lotan founder, visit Oak Park Temple several times.

Our sister congregation, Maa’lot Tivon, receives funding and support from ARZA. And our Echad al Echad, student exchange program with Maa’lot Tivon has received awards from ARZA at a national level.

Support of the Reform Movement in Israel fosters social justice, equality, religious pluralism and values that are important to Reform Jews.


From the Oak Park Temple Policy Manual…

Our Reform Jewish commitment requires that we be of service to our community. The Temple is resolute in promoting and safeguarding the rights and well-being of all humanity. As part of that commitment, we support the State of Israel and encourage the freedom of Jews throughout the world.

The Women of Oak Park Temple

OPT’s women’s social and community support organization.
Who We Are

Who are The Women of Oak Park Temple?

The Women of Oak Park Temple is a women’s organization that gathers together in friendship for programs that support the Temple and the larger community, for social activities, for learning and spiritual growth, and above all for personal enrichment, so that each woman may fulfill her potential as a person within a Jewish environment.

Within the Congregation, The Women of Oak Park Temple is the collective presence, voice, and strength for women of all ages and varying stages in life.  It is a place where women can meet and work together for the benefit of the Congregation and its members.  Here, women can initiate and develop projects in which they have an interest.  The Women of OPT provides an outlet for the creative energy, talent, and leadership potential of its members. The Women of OPT also gives women a worldwide identity through its affiliation with Women of Reform Judaism, a federation of 100,000 members throughout the United States, Canada, and overseas.

To join The Women of Oak Park Temple, please download our membership form. You can drop it off or send it to the Temple office. Also consider a Little Sister Membership, which provides an opportunity members to include their daughters and granddaughters in the wonderful work performed by The Women of OPT.

More about The Women of Oak Park Temple

What We Do

The Women of Oak Park Temple provides the opportunity for its members to participate in activities or programs that are valuable to them, their families, their Congregation and their community.  Our sisterhood has a long history of helping many aspects of Congregational life. Areas in which we contribute support to the Temple community include:

  • Religious School
  • Glasser Preschool
  • B’nai Mitzvah
  • Kabbalat Torah
  • New Members
  • Youth Group/Camping
  • Temple Directory
  • Women of OPT Shabbat Service
  • Annual Temple Donation
  • Purchase of New Prayer Books
  • College Outreach
  • Kitchen Maintenance
  • Shure Memorial Library

Jewish Organizations that We Support

Ways to Get Involved

  • Gift Shop
  • Rummage Sale
  • Treats in a Jar
  • New Year Greetings
  • Women’s Seder
  • February Dinner Program
  • Little Sister Events
  • Book Group Discussions
  • Maccabee Market
  • Kallah
  • Honey Cake Baking
  • Ladies Night Out
  • Health/Fitness Events
  • Bake Sales
  • Fundraising
  • Programming


Tributes are a great way to help support The Women of OPT.  The cost is $5.00 for a regular card or $10.00 for a gold seal.  Send a tribute to a friend who is sick, a relative who has had a simcha or to let someone know you care. Please email Florence Weese for more information.


The By-Laws were amended in April 2014 by the Oak Park Temple Sisterhood (the former name of Women of Oak Park Temple).

Download our By-Laws (PDF format).

facebookFollow Us on Facebook

Join the Women of Oak Park Temple Facebook Page.

Board of Directors

  • Lauren Levrant, President
  • Win Fox, Programming Vice President
  • Kathy Bezinovich, Fundraising Vice President
  • Doris Angell, Corresponding Secretary
  • Amelia Hardy, Recording Secretary
  • Lorrie Applebey, Treasurer
  • Kathy Madura, Immediate Past President


  • Susan Cicelsky
  • Marsha Cooper
  • Iris Martin
  • Ruth Milstein
  • Jill Sapoznick
  • Leah Vergotine
  • Florence Weese
  • Cathryn Weiss

2018-2019 Slate

Download the 2018-2019 Proposed Slate of WoOPT Officers (PDF document).

Job Descriptions

Download job descriptions for Officers, Board Members and Chairpersons – Updated March 2015 (PDF document).

Wise Aging

wise aging


OPT will again offer the Wise Aging Workshops program, a groundbreaking series of 8 weekly meetings for people age 50+.

In our youth-oriented culture, our inevitable aging and dying is usually surrounded by fear and denial. Amid loss and shifting roles, there’s opportunity for resilience and joy.. Through discussion, active listening, small group sharing, journaling and reflection, we develop a deeper sense of well-being and connection, as we embrace living well all the way through our lives.

This program is based on expert resources developed by Rabbi Rachel Cowan & Dr. Linda Thal for the Institute for Jewish Spirituality.  Marc Blesoff & Barbara Hausman, trained by the Institute, co-facilitate these sessions.

Contact Temple. Space limited. 8 weekly sessions begin Tues. May 1, 7-9pm

Advice from a Volcano
Stay active
Keep your inner fire burning
It’s ok to let off steam
Go with the flow
Be uplifting
It’s all a matter of time
Have a blast

Contact the Temple office to RSVP or learn more about this opportunity.

The Ultimate Kindness:
Chevra Kadisha of Oak Park Temple and West Suburban Temple

Are you facing death in your family?

The highest act of gemilut chesed (lovingkindness) is that which is done for the dead, for there can never be any thought of repayment.
– Tanhuma Vayehi 107A

When a death occurs in our community and the family requests, a small group of trained volunteers from the Chevra Kadisha will come to the funeral home to perform the tahara ritual. It includes:

  • Gentle washing of the deceased
  • Dressing the deceased for burial

To request tahara
Any member of Oak Park Temple or West Suburban Temple need only ask the clergy or the funeral director to contact the Chevra Kadisha.

Details associated with any specific tahara—including the name of the deceased—are kept in the strictest confidence.

The leaders and members of the West Suburban Chevra Kadisha are happy to discuss our mission and work. To learn more or to volunteer, please contact Cantor Julie Yugend-Green at 708-386-3937 or at JYGOPT@comcast.net.

OPT Taharah Overall

“Taharah-The Last Act of Kindness” is an installation piece created for Spertus Institute’s exhibit Voices of Wisdom. It is dedicated to the members of Chevra Kadisha who continue to perpetuate the sacredness of this mitzvah throughout the world.

Images by Sylvia Alotta

Join a Chavurah

It doesn’t matter whether you have belonged to Oak Park Temple for two months or for twenty years; there is a place for you in a Chavurah.  Individuals and families come together in a group formed based on interest, proximity, demographics or other factors of their choosing. This is your opportunity to feel connected to other Jews when you are outside of the Temple. For families with youngsters it is an opportunity for your children to form bonds with other Jewish children.

Your Chavurah will turn acquaintances into friends. The group will vary in size from approximately 14 to 20 adults.  Over the course of your Chavurah’s existence you may have people who move or people who attend sporadically, but you will have a strong core and a viable number to participate in each of your group’s activities.

How and what your Chavurah chooses to do is entirely up to your group. Activities range from pot luck meals to celebrating Jewish holidays to attending plays, concerts, parks and zoos together. Your group can be your vehicle for celebrating Jewish holidays at Temple and in your home. Your Chavurah can be whatever its members want it to be.

Every year we seek to establish new Chavurot groups. Sometimes these groups sprout by members taking the lead and forming their own groups. If you are interested in becoming part of a Chavurah or in forming a new group please contact Joyce Smoler at 708-345-8770 or joyce@atthegallery.com.


Join a Committee

One great way to stay active in the Oak Park Temple community is to join a committee.

Whether it’s helping us expand our membership, planning a special event, engaging in social action initiatives or just socializing with your Temple friends, committees are a great way to stay engaged with the needs of our community while staying close to your fellow Temple Members.

Participation on a committee is open to all our membership. Any member interested in a particular committee is encouraged to contact the chair of that committee. Please also use the form below to reach out to the Temple or a committee head to express your interest in joining and helping.

Our committees/affiliates are listed below:

  • Adult Education Committee
  • Bagel Boys
  • Chevre Hiddur Mitzvah
  • Communications
  • Echad al Echad
  • Endowment Committee
  • Finance Committee
  • Fundraising
  • Glasser Preschool Board
  • Membership Committee
  • Nominating Committee
  • OPTY
  • Ozerim
  • P.A.D.S.
  • Religious School Committee
  • Seniors Committee
  • Shure Memorial Library
  • Social Action Committee
  • Women of Oak Park Temple
  • Worship

Volunteer for a Committee

6 + 14 =

OPTY: Oak Park Temple Youth

The Purpose of OPTY Shall Be:

  • To help Jewish teens stay connected to Judaism in a fun, safe, and open environment.
  • To provide a way to meet other Jewish high school students.
  • To do the work of “Tikkun Olam,” repairing the world.
  • To foster a Jewish community specifically for teens.
OPT Youth

The Oak Park Temple Creative Community (OPTCC)

Please click through the OPTCC Virtual Gallery, and select an image to enlarge it. To submit items for display in this gallery, please contact Karen Muriello.

The Oak Park Temple Creative Community offers Temple members creative experiences and opportunities to enhance our Jewish living.

Membership in this group is open to any Temple member who is creative or simply enjoys creativity.  Two meetings are held per year: one in fall to discuss activities and the other in spring to elect officers.  Karen Muriello is the current chairperson. The group tackles special projects as requested or suggested. The Virtual Art Gallery below provides an online, museum space for the many visual artists of Oak Park Temple.

To join or to be added to our mailing list, please contact Karen Muriello.

Suburban Thursday Afternoon Retirees (S.T.A.R.)

Suburban Thursday Afternoon Retirees (S.T.A.R.) is a joint effort between Oak Park Temple B’nai Abraham Zion and West Suburban Temple Har Zion (WSTHZ) that meets weekly on Thursdays at WSTHZ from 1 pm to 3 pm, except on Jewish and National Holidays.  The group is open to all people in the area interested in learning about many varied topics such as Judaism, politics, health, art, music, senior living, services available in our communities, public safety issues, senior scams, etc.

S.T.A.R. was started by Sheryl Stoller, emeritus Rabbi’s Gerson and Mirelman, Annabel Abraham and Hene Waterbury (both from WSTHZ) and others.  We have guest speakers – rabbis, cantors, historians, doctors, social service folks, and reps from senior buildings.  We often visit, discuss and share items of interest to the group, such as current events of local, national and international importance.  We have trips to Chicago Symphony, and we have been guests at our various senior buildings.  WSTHZ provides coffee, tea and goodies.

More about S.T.A.R.

S.T.A.R. meets Thursdays, 1pm – 3pm, West Suburban Temple Har Zion, 1040 N. Harlem Ave. River Forest.

For more information, please contact Sandra Sokol.

MameLoshn – Oak Park Temple’s Yiddish Singing Group

Oak Park Temple’s Yiddish singing group, MameLoshn, is dedicated to preserving and maintaining Yiddish culture through the beautiful music created in past generations.

Learn what’s new in the Yiddish world and go to YiddishPOP to learn a bisl Yiddish with a maidel (a girl) and her chaver (friend) Mobi der Robot (a robot – of course).

Find us and like our favorite songs and Yiddish sources on Facebook.

See and Hear MameLoshn

Read More About MameLoshn

From Union for Reform Judaism’s “Torah at the Center” – V.10 Edition 1 on p. 10.

MameLoshn in the Press

Tsimmis: Oak Park Temple’s Acoustic Band

Tsimmis is:

  • An old Yiddish expression meaning “a commotion”
  • A delicious side dish with sweet potatoes, carrots, prunes, raisins, sugar, and cinnamon
  • Oak Park Temple’s Acoustic Band!

Celebrate Shabbat on the 2nd Friday of every month with Tsimmis!

Our ruach-filled Shabbat service will be enhanced by the beautiful accompaniment of acoustic guitar, mandolin, bass, percussion and piano. Come sing and clap along with us!

 Learn more about 2nd Fridays and join us for this joyous service!


Zimrei Ha’am: Adult Choir of Oak Park Temple

Add your voice to the most marvelous choir around!

Zimrei Ha’am sings during Shabbat and Holiday services, as well as concerts and spmusical notesecial events.

Rehearsals:  Sundays 10:30 – 11:30 am
Where:  sanctuary of Oak Park Temple
Director:  Cantor Julie Yugend-Green

Auditions, as well as the ability to read Hebrew and/or music, are not required for participation in Zimrei Ha’am. All that’s required is a love of singing, and the desire to have a great time!

Interested singers, please email Cantor Julie Green.

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