We are now in full swing with our sesquicentennial celebrations.  It was so wonderful to see everyone in our big tent for our Rosh Hashanah oneg, a perfect way to start our year of celebration.  I suspect that by the time you see this, the David Broza concert will be just a few days away. 

Next up is a visit from the President of the Union for Reform Judaism, Rabbi Rick Jacobs.  On Rosh Hashanah I spoke about  Rabbi Jacobs and his challenge to practice “Audacious Hospitality” in our synagogues.  In fact, earlier this year, fresh from the biennial, I wrote about this topic as well, wondering how we can practice Audacious Hospitality here at Oak Park Temple. 

And now, here is your chance to meet Rabbi Jacobs yourself, and our chance to demonstrate that we have taken his challenge seriously here at Oak Park Temple.  On November 21, Rabbi Jacobs will join us and speak at our 8:00 Shabbat service.  We will start the evening with a community dinner at 6:30pm, free of charge thanks to our Sesquicentennial Angels.  (Make sure to reserve your space for the dinner either online or by calling the office.)  

Rabbi Jacobs is an energetic, inspiring and dynamic speaker.  It is a real honor that he is visiting us, I hope to see you all there.  Let’s show him what an incredible community we have created.  As I mentioned on Rosh Hashanah, you’ll have no trouble recognizing him – he’ll most likely be the tallest person in the room.  

Following these celebrations in November, we’ll turn to looking back in time, starting with A Scholar-in Residence program with Gary Zola from the American Jewish Archives on December 5-7, and then following that with a weekend of history and art of Oak Park Temple the following weekend, December 12-14 by Rabbi Gerson & David Sokol.  

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