It amazes me how I’m continuously surprised at how fast things appear when I thought they were so far away. It’s a cliche that time goes faster and faster as you age.  In fact it is such a cliche that country songs have been written about it – Kenny Chesney’s “Don’t Blink” or Trace Adkins’s “You’re Gonna Miss This“, to name just a few.  (By the way, both of these are great songs, click the above links if you’ve never seen their music videos or heard the songs!  You’ll have to watch a short commercial first but hang in there, it’s worth it!)

I’ve been experiencing it myself for years, each year spins faster and faster than the one before.  So why does it always surprise me when yet another summer is over?  This year I can blame it a little on how early the holidays occur – we are barely through Labor Day before it is Rosh Hashnah!  

While the temple’s sesquicentennial celebration is still a whole year away, that year is going to fly by far faster than we anticipate. In this next year, we will undergo serious planning for events to help us celebrate this momentous milestone.  

There will be many different events to plan in this next year.  I encourage each of you to watch for upcoming notices from the sesquicentennial committee to find the event(s) that are most meaningful for you and to volunteer your time to help make it happen!  And this time next year (which will be here in about a minute), we’ll start a joyous year of celebration and pay homage to all those who came before.  

I can’t help but think of those people whose names I see around our building and the lives that they lived, wondering what they would think of the incredible thriving congregation we are today?  I also can’t help but think of how we wouldn’t be here today without them and feel a great debt for the many ways that they volunteered their time and their money to leave this legacy for us.  And it heightens in me an awareness that what we do today will be there for the next generation.

L’shanah tovah tikatevi v’ taihatemi  -  May each of you be inscribed and sealed for a good year,

Sheri Gilley

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