“I love, love, love it. It is so beautiful.”

For the first five minutes of the fireworks show in downtown Oak Park, Baian, age 8, must have repeated that sentence ten times.

Baian (pictured below), her older brother Mohammad (10), and their younger sister Esraa (6) got to see their first fireworks show last night. And while I (age 42) have seen many, I got to see it through an entirely new perspective.

4th of July fun

Thanks to the generosity and warmth of the Greenberg family, roughly half of Oak Park Temple gathered on the 200 block of Linden Avenue last night to watch the show and enjoy the festivities. Andy Rothbaum played the pied piper as he passed out sparklers to all the children; Talal continued to charm my three-year-old daughter (see below); and I just enjoyed watching all of our families and children be together.

4th of July fun

Yay, America!




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